Actor=Michael B. Jordan.
Tomatometer=7,5 / 10 Star.
Runtime=2 hour 14 Min.
Ryan Coogler





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I’ve had issues with the last couple of marvel movies that everyone seemed to love. Thor Ragnarok and this one. Black Panther isn’t a bad movie at all but it’s not as good as any captain America movie for example. Too much hype. Wait for digital.
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I almost love the film, The Black Panther. It’s visuals are stunning, the CGI is wonderful, the cinematography is sumptuous, and the acting is really then there’s Michael B. Jordan.
To say I was disappointed with his acting is a vast understatement. I get that he’s supposed to be angry, vindictive, etc. But Jordan’s interpretation of his character was like watching some bad ’70’s black revenge flick. It was all about being from the hood, and the whole ‘we’re an oppressed people’ attitude that really sinks Jordan’s acting and the reasoning for his taking the throne.
For a character who is supposed to be so educated, so highly trained, he only came across as an angry man who is only out for revenge. Add in the ridiculous and incongruous fact that, despite all his anger throughout the film, he suddenly reverts to a contemplative man who says he always wanted to see the beautiful Wakandan sunsets his dad had spoken of years previously as he sat dying near the films’ conclusion.
Such a change in a character is either terrible acting, bad scriptwriting, bad directing or editing, or a combination of all three. Jordan is a decent actor, but his performance in the Black Panther is just terrible and completely detracts from the film as a whole. Too bad. This movie could have been spectacular.

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