Samantha: every person’s speaking about me personally. Into the blink to the tabloid we gone after Demi towards Liza.

Carrie: Oh yeah, you might be a friend that is good. All of the ways after Brooklyn towards find out a lot of dogs lead as part of a group. Miranda: This girl arrived to view the child find baptized, we arrived to watch the girl child bring judged.

Miranda: I was thinking you had beenn’t likely to perspiration that the stuff. Samantha that is small appearance, i cannot posses cancer and get a fag hag.

Anthony: their frickin’ puppy really have the lady stage!. Showcase’s over! Charlotte: do not mention it. We are able to always compete. We as soon as won the best gymnastics that are junior once I have my own. Anthony: It reonelly is your dog. What exactly are one likely to do, operate near trying to find a teeny tampon that is tiny?

Carrie: Hassle. Elizabeth Taylor exclusively had gotten the girl time period. Samantha: What? Carrie: Mmm hmm, backstage. That point regarding the month. Miranda: I was thinking this girl yourppeared just a little swollen. Stanford: and also she is and bitchy earlier in the day.

Smith: have you been convinced for you to do this one? Samantha: that it struggled to obtain Paris Hilton. I have to ready their report straight—literally.

Miranda: Elizabeth Taylor had gotten gang-banged into the national park? Samantha: Oh yeah jesus, that is and 80’s.


Enid: Do you really really including dorado? Mainly because should this be per shame dorado, I’m able to have actually crab cakes!

Aleksandr: try this one quite just how any discovers love? Carrie: No, it is exactly what we redtube do to distract ourselves through to the significant option works together.

Samantha, more than the woman vibrator: i am letting you know, we went in to the kitchen area to have it—Miranda: delay, how ended up being that it within the kitchen? Samantha: i love to blend it.

Samantha: today, perhaps when you look at the Dominican Republic, men and women prefer to express vibrators, nevertheless this might be America—land out of lots.

Charlotte, regarding Elizabeth Taylor: she onectually is onecquiring just a little fat. Pet shop clerk: Oh, she is never fat. Charlotte: you are appropriate, that is your term that is ugly. She Is. Complete figured.

Samantha: we are certainly not likely to inspire you to definitely get a get a cross one ocean. We are selfish bitches that as you at ny.

Carrie: Possibly I Cannot allow Nyc. I do not see the way I’d do someplace more. Samantha: trust in me, your very own fabulousness might translate.

Carrie: He Is most nice. To wise! Enid: he is one Hobbit.

Week Samantha: This funeral is better than fashion.

Charlotte: i did not find out Lexi experienced and friends. Carrie that is many perfectly, this girl wasn’t regularly so that tragic. Keep in mind your 80’s? This girl is that girl. Samantha that is it: I was convinced we happened to be their that it girl. Miranda: fine, it really is your very own phrthese opposing one dead woman’s, so—you profit.

EPISODE 93: excellent US BABE at PARIS (BIT UNE)

Samantha: do you want yet another cocktail? Carrie: No, little, zero, i cannot stay intoxicated regarding air air plane. I do want to appear beautiful and also looking that is impossibly fresh.

Carrie: i had a thought today. Let’s say I. Imagine if I experienced by no means satisfied your?

Carrie: we dropped. We dropped at Dior. As the American who fell in Dior. Aleksandr: They don’t think like that. Carrie: Well, not anymore they don’t so I decided that the more I purchased the less they’d think of me. Here is the buying exonect carbon copy of a lobotomy.

Larger: you are each enjoys out of this girl lifetime ones well as some guyis just happy ahead in 4th.


Charlotte: we are not able to trust it is last taking place. I really hope absolutely absolutely nothing goes wrong. Anthony: Actually, I know some gays who got a Guatemalan kid for like a hundred bucks if it does.

Carrie: i am interested in prefer. Significant like. Absurd, inconvenient, eating, can’t-live-without-each-other appreciate. And I also do not think it appreciate will be here within suite that is expensive our beautiful hotel at Paris.

Larger: This took me personyourlly one actually number of years towards arrive here, still i am right here. Carrie, you are the main one.

Carrie: later that i got to thinking about relationships day. You will find the ones that available a person up to whatever exotic and new, those who tend to be older to familiar, those who talk about many issues, the ones that enable you to get someplace unforeseen, the ones that provide you with definately not wherein your began, and people in which provide you with back once again. Nevertheless the many fun, challenging to relationship that is actually significant out of was the only you have got alongside your self. Then you love, well, that’s just fabulous if you can find someone to love the you.