Kharkiv, Ukraine City Gu. Kharkiv may be the 2nd biggest Ukraine City, with a populace of approximately 1 million, a big section of whom are pupils.

Additionally there are numerous international pupils whom learn here, mainly from Turkey, the center East, Asia and Africa.

Its also known as being truly a grey bleak town, although i discovered that it is quite pleasant with a great town center and a lot of areas and greenery.

Some praise its nightlife which, although good, is overrated as it’s a bit dead on weekdays and comes alive mainly on weekends.



  • Laid back vibe
  • Big pupil populace
  • Inexpensive cost of residing
  • Existence of international pupils make your ethnicity less of the issue (or novelty in a few situations)
  • Less golddiggers and prostitutes than Kiev nightlife


  • English amounts are low
  • Center is slightly little and town is spread away. You operate the chance of operating into girls you didn’t wish to.
  • Never as numerous women that are stunning kiev


Premier palace resort: Considered the hotel that is best within the town, go here if you’d like to splurge or even for a tremendously brief stay

Resort 19: good boutique hotel in a good location with good restaurants and pubs within or right by it. Great option for the medium term stay

Airbnb: there are numerous of good apartments that are suitable. Contact me personally I already stayed in if you need specific recommendations for places.


Moskvich club: Underground bar appropriate under resort 19 on Sumka street, great club but mostly alive on week-end evenings whenever it hosts DJs. Otherwise a little empty on weekdays but place that is good a peaceful drink or date on those nights

Benedict regular club: Bar on Sumska road, more hipsterish and casual than Moskvich and Brilliant but busier on weekdays than many malaysiancupid other choices. Less decked out ladies here, more vibe that is casual

Brilliant club: Highend lounge/bar along with a pleasant Georgian restaurant. Impressive decor inside. Great location for a night out together

Churrasco club: Has a few areas across the town. Well-liked by students DVOR: latest addition. A gastro bar/restaurants thats popping on weekends

Manhattan club: Another decent choice with good cocktails and vibe


Argentina Grill: a steak that is good that’s open twenty four hours every single day. Has a karaoke that is little that is busy all evenings regarding the week. Truly the only late evening option on some weekdays

Panorama Lounge: On weekdays as well as in the daytime that is a restaurant/lounge that is well-liked by the city’s elite and rich. You will notice plenty of dolled up girls here smoking hookahs.

Abajour: Very well created place that is cozy hotel19. Wise decision for morning meal, meal, or chilling with hookahs and supper within the nights

Panorama club: Primarily on Friday/Saturday. May be the hottest high-end choice in city, in which you might find numerous stunning ladies.

Some will likely be after rich guys, other people soon after a time that is good.

Bolero Club: with regards to figures may be the club that is biggest in the city, gets loaded on weekends it is available each night. Was once the club that is best in Kharkiv but has been down a little when it comes to quality recently. Plenty of foreigners and pupils get here in recent years it used to be so it’s no longer the high-end option

Radmir Main spot: The supposed heir towards the famous Radmir, that used to function as most readily useful club in Ukraine. Hasnt lived up to your legacy however it’s nevertheless new therefore has space to boost

Club Misto: just like Bolero, available many evenings but will be packed towards mostly the weekends. Popular among pupils

INJIR: The club that is best for after parties in kharkiv. Go here following the other groups get down. Electronic music blasts before the early morning